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Get More from the Voice of Your Customer

Most organizations are not as effective at capturing and leveraging the Voice of the Customer as they would like.  Voice Crafter can help.  We offer a variety of services and solutions that can make your organization's Voice of the Customer program more actionable, and drive better business results.

VoC Program Assessments

How effective is your current approach to capturing and leveraging the Voice of the Customer?

Voice Crafter can help you answer this question by conducting a VoC Program Assessment. You will have an opportunity to use our proprietary VoC Practices Inventory to self-assess the current state of your VoC program with respect to 10 critical success factors. We will conduct personal interviews with key VoC stakeholders and users to determine what they think is working well – and where there may be gaps to fill. We will use the above information as a frame of reference for reviewing and evaluating your organization’s current VoC processes and practices.

When the VoC Program Assessment is complete, you will know:

  • What elements of your current VoC program are working effectively, and worth keeping and developing, and
  • Where there are gaps or limitations that need to be addressed, along with recommendations regarding how to address them.

A VoC Program Assessment will pinpoint what is required to take your current approach to the proverbial “next level.”

Customer Experience (CX) Vocabulary Development

Is your organization able to integrate feedback from customer surveys, emails, inbound calls, social media, and other VoC sources to develop a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience?

Voice Crafter can help you make all your customer data work together by building a Uniform Customer Experience Vocabulary. We will review all current lists of survey items, text coding schemes, and other approaches used to organize and analyze all VoC data. We will consolidate this into a single, preliminary “master” list. If necessary, Voice Crafter will conduct additional research and analysis to identify key elements of the customer experience that may be missing. All of the above will be used to create a final Uniform CX Vocabulary.

A Uniform CX Vocabulary will enable your organization to:

  • Use a common framework to capture, organize, and analyze both structured and unstructured VoC data
  • Make “apples-to-apples” comparisons among surveys, inbound customer communications, social media, and other VoC sources
  • Define and support priorities for action and improvement based on convergence of multiple data sources

A Uniform CX Vocabulary will ensure all your customer data “work together.”

Customer Experience Roadmapping

The road to desired business results runs directly through customer experiences and behaviors.   Has your organization developed a roadmap that will guide you to those results?

A Customer Experience (CX) Roadmap is a graphical tool that illustrates:

  • How what your organization does and delivers
  • Translates into what customers experience and evaluate
  • Leading to customer decisions and behaviors that
  • Drive financial and other key business results

A CX Roadmap has three key benefits:

  • It provides direction for linking VoC data and metrics to other business data and metrics.  This enables managers to perform analyses that demonstrate such things as the ROI for improving customer satisfaction, or where to set the bar for internal operational metrics and KPI's.
  • It paints a picture of how various departments or functional areas of your organization have a hand in shaping specific elements of the customer experience.   This enables managers to think outside of their own silos, and to coordinate with other departments and functions to deliver a better customer experience.
  • It prepares organizations to take actions to improve customer experiences based on insights drawn from the Voice of the Customer.

A CX Roadmap will ensure your organization has a clear view of how to achieve desired business results via effective management of customer experiences and relationships.

Action Planning & Implementation

Most organizations are better at capturing the Voice of the Customer than they are at developing and implementing actions that actually improve the customer experience.

Voice Crafter can help your organization implement an Eight-Step Process for Improving Customer Experience.   We will work with cross-functional teams of managers and partners of your organization to:

  • Define Priorities for Action & Improvement
  • Identify Owners of the above Action Items
  • Clarify Customer Expectations and Requirements
  • Pinpoint Root Causes of Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Generate and Evaluate Potential Solutions
  • Finalize an Action Plan
  • Implement Implement the Action Plan
  • Determine and Demonstrate the Impact of Actions Taken

Voice Crafter's Eight-Step Process will help ensure that your organization is able to "put the Voice of the Customer to work" in order to improve customer experiences and achieve desired business results.

CX Research and Analysis

Voice Crafter can help your organization design and execute research and analyses that furnish deeper insight into your customer's experiences, and the impact of those experiences on business outcomes.  Our Research Services include:

  • Customer Focus Groups and Depth Interviews
    • Identify key elements of the customer experience
    • Explore critical incidents and "moments of truth"
    • "Drill-down" into specific aspects of the customer experience
  • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Target and persona development
    • Customer interviews to map the journey
    • Internal interviews to integrate people, processes, policies, technologies, and activities into the map
    • Evaluation and prioritization of opportunities to improve customer experience
  • Service Climate Interviews
    • Focus groups, depth interviews, and/or surveys of front-line empoyees and partners who interact with customers on a daily basis
    • Identification of barriers to better customer experiences, and potential ways of overcoming those barriers

Our Analytical Services include:

  • Customer Segmentation
    • Needs, expectations, and requirements
    • Customer loyalty and value
  • Core Customer Index Construction
    • Testing
    • Selection
    • Validation
  • Prioritization of Customer Experience Elements
    • Identify key drivers
    • Determine performance strengths and weaknesses
    • Convergence analysis and mapping
  • Linkage Analysis
    • VoC to financial and other key business results
    • VoC to operational metrics and internal KPI's
    • VoC to Voice of Employees (VoE)

Voice Crafter's CX Research and Analysis services can help you get more from the data you already have.  In addition, we can help you capture and analyze the data you need to fill key CX information needs and knowledge gaps.


Voice Crafter offers a variety of virtual and in-person training solutions that will help your organization build and run a more effective Voice of the Customer Program.

We offer both one-day and two-day in-person training on Getting More from the Voice of the Customer.  Topics include:

  • How to identify key strengths and limitations of your current VoC approach
  • How to ensure that the right VoC methods and data sources are in place to address your organization's CX information needs
  • How to develop and implement core customer metrics that are actually linked to desired business results, so that the "business case" for VoC and CX management investments can be made
  • How to make all VoC data work together
  • How to define priorities for action and improvement
  • How to use insights drawn from the Voice of the Customer to drive action and improvement
  • How to sustain and help your VoC efforts achieve their full potential, and meet managerial expectations and objectives.

Voice Crafter also offers webinars for clients who prefer a virtual approach.  These webinars usually are 1-2 hours in length, and focus on a sub-set of the topics listed above.

Voice Crafter's Training solutions will put our 30 years of experience helping clients capture and leverage the Voice of the Customer in the hands of your employees and managers.